Research Services

Marcom will listen to you carefully and prepare a marketing research solution to collect and analyze insightful marketing information so that you will make more informed business decisions.  Our research proposal format follows the guideline recommended by ESOMAR.

Multi-country CATI Fieldwork Provider in East Asia (since 1999)

Marcom has native multi-linguall interviewers to conduct multi-country CATI in the AP region.  We have been offering B2B and company executive interviews since 1999 using CATI.

With a combined CATI capacity of 70 stations, Marcom offers quicker turnaround time at an affordable budget.  Our CATI system uses three variants of Chinese characters, namely, Hong Kong Cantonese dialect, Taiwan traditional characters, mainland China simplifed characters.

We use more than one CATI software packages to allow maximum flexibility in terms of timing, deliverables, quota and questionnaire routing and answer rotation complexity.  Commonly used CATI software packages are Surveygizmo, Snap, QPS, WinCati.

Fieldwork and Tabulation Service

For those clients who require data collection service only, with no executive involvement, Marcom's Fieldwork department provides just that. The service is particularly suitable for other research agencies who require an interviewing back up resource.

Interviews conducted by Marcom-HongKong are recorded by our advanced digital recording system.  CLT interviews are recorded using MP3 devices for quality control with all interviews supervised on-spot by fieldwork supervisors.

Online Survey Recruitment and Focus Group Recruitment Service

Although Marcom can host your survey online and can provide full focus group services up to writing reports in English, there are occasions when you want to conduct the interview or moderate the group yourself.  Marcom can provide these recruitment services to you anytime you want.

Marcom has offered phone to web recruitment service and CAWI service since 2002 in AP region.  Our call centers are all networked with broadband Internet access, suitable for any form of online fieldwork application, including CAWI using client's portal.

Data Collection Method We Use
  • CATI
  • B2B Executive Interview
  • Online Survey (click here for English demo1 / English demo2 / Chinese demo2)
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Central Location Street Intercept Interview (click here to view some CLT photos)
  • Door to Door (Kish Grid or Quota)

Data Processing Capability
  • Cleaning by using QPS specialised cleaning language
  • Printing tables with significant marks and rim weighting
  • Exporting data into SPSS, ASCII, Card Image, Triple S, Quantum format
  • Preparing data for data mining
  • Data mining and MVA services

Our staff averages over 15 years of China and International market research experience.

Membership: our key staff, Jenny and KC Wong are individual member of ESOMAR. 


Computer Assisted Focus
Group Coding Service

Off-line iPAD based CLT
Technology  added

All our CLT interviews in Hong
Kong is iPAD 3G online based

GFK's Retailer Studies Annual
Contract for 2010 Renewed

CLT Interviews with 3G Netook

TNS Online Focus Group FW
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